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Greenland Commodities is a science & technology based, fast-paced growing trading house, located in the heart of Europe, Prague, CZ. We unite our international trading experiences with science and technology supported by well-educated experts in their niche fields. Our trading desks focus on variety of trading products; mainly power, gas, oil, coal, and certificates across 20 countries and 12 energy exchanges.

Greenland Commodities empowers its traders and employees through real-time trading experiences, mentors and value-added strategies in challenging market environments. We are passionately active and trading on each minute of a year.

While we let the science and technology to shed light on our future, we aim to re-imagine trading systems in an ethical, responsible, and sustainable way.








Market Access

To take active part in all energy based fields, we provide our counter-parties with market access in Energy Commodity Markets for their comfort to trade via our comprehensive operations.

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Power Plant Management

We help our partners to optimize their power production strategies to strengthen their synergy in energy markets. Our experienced  Quants and Traders will develop the best case scenarios for positioning your portfolio in a challenging market environment.

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You, you are the power on our sustainable future! We invest on you as our vital asset. Let's grow together!

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