Greenland Commodities is an agile trading house specialized in trading energy commodities in Europe, the US, and Asia.

We are a well-designed, sophisticated trading team; engineered for the growth with a unique, science & technology based setup used by each member of all desks to make transactions 7 days 24 hours across 20 countries and 12 energy exchanges.

In Greenland Commodities, we enjoy the combination of trading leaders and well-educated industry enthusiasts who have extraordinary business skills to achieve our goals in this long marathon.

Our leaders are experienced in their niche fields with a deep knowledge of energy commodity trading mechanisms. Power, gas, coal, oil, emission, and certificates are the main products that we are focused on.

Thanks to our internally developed quantitative models and professional team, Greenland is seeking opportunity from intraday energy markets to forward energy products. On the other hand, our optimization and modeling skills enable us to devise authentic strategies on cross-border power and gas trading.

We process and analyze vast amount of data through getting benefit from science & technology in every step of trading.
We rely on our strong data analysis, quantitative capabilities, and real-time data systems ensuring itself by our sophisticated data scientists and engineers.

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